Contract Welding

We execute contract welding projects by using all common stud welding processes. Depending on the welding task, we can weld manually or by using our modern automatic stud welding equipments.

Depending on the application, we offer to execute the task on-site or in our factory.


Your advantages:

- Wide range of latest technology stud welding equipments and stud welding guns available at any time

- No need of major investment, you pay comfortably on rent

- Advise and instruction from our technicians

- We offer you the equipment that fits perfectly to your unique welding application

- Well maintained and serviced equipment


There are many reasons to leave your projects to our team of specialists, e.g.:


Non-recurring, special orders:

You would like to accept a one-time order but you do not have the necessary equipment to execute it. In this case buying as a non-recurring order would not justify a purchase and contract welding is more favorable.

Top capacities:

In some periods of time your company is running to capacity. In such peak times you can flexibly meet your additional need in resources with our team of welders.

Avoiding financial strain:

You have just founded your company and want to avoid heavy financial burden. The purchase cost and the involved risks can easily be reduced by using our team of welders. Without capital commitment you can handle orders immediately and successfully. Thus your equipment finances by itself.


  • Almas Taban Kish
  • Arsh Chakad
  • Arsheh Gostar Batis
  • Atlas
  • Bam Gostar Diba
  • Borna Ista
  • Dejar
  • Divan Mohasebat
  • Hadish Beton
  • Masiha
  • Padideh
  • Payband
  • Radin
  • Sabat Sazeh
  • Sazeh Paydar
  • Set
  • Sun Deck
  • Tirnaveh



  • Gerima
  • Gullco
  • Soyer

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